• March 30, 2019

Strategi Poker – Cara Menang di Hold ‘Em

Soooo … tangan apa yang menang dalam permainan Texas Holdem ???

Itu mudah, untuk sebagian besar ….. inilah daftar dan cara mudah untuk mengingat urutan dari tangan terlemah ke tangan terkuat …. dengan kata lain, peringkat tangan poker.

1. Kartu tinggi – adalah kartu di tertinggi di tangan Anda, yaitu. (Jika Anda memiliki kartu As yang tidak berpasangan dengan apa pun di tangan Anda, itu kartu tinggi Anda.) Nilai kartu individu adalah 2-kartu As.
2. Satu pasangan – ini adalah ketika Anda memiliki 2 kartu dengan nilai yang sama, yaitu. (tangan Anda adalah 7,7,5,4,9 … Anda memiliki sepasang tujuh).
3. Dua pasangan – sederhananya Anda memiliki 2 pasang kartu nilai yang sama (7,7,4,4,8 … Anda memiliki sepasang 4 dan sepasang 7)
4. Tiga jenis – Anda memiliki 3 dari kartu nilai yang sama (7,7,7,5, K … Anda memiliki 3 7)
5. Langsung – kelima kartu berada dalam urutan penghitungan (1,2,3,4,5 atau, 5,6,7 , 8,9 atau 10, J, Q, K, A.etc.) Kartu tertinggi dari kartu straight adalah kartu straight yang lebih baik … jika Anda memiliki 1,2,3,4,5 tetapi lawan Anda memiliki 4,5 6,7,8 … lawan menang karena lurus lebih tinggi.
6. Siram – kelima kartu itu jenis yang sama … semua kartu adalah sekop, atau hati, atau klub, atau berlian.
7. Boat atau Full House – ini adalah kombinasi dari sepasang dan tiga jenis … yaitu. (2,2,5,5,5)
8. Empat jenis – sama seperti tiga jenis …. tetapi 4 kartu bernilai sama (8,8,8,8,6)
9. Straight Flush – adalah sebuah kombo dari straight dan flush … semua kartu adalah jenis yang sama dan mereka dalam urutan penghitungan … yaitu (2 sekop, 3 sekop, 4 sekop, 5 sekop, 6 sekop)
10. Royal Flush – flush lurus tertinggi ada …. (10 DARI SUIT YANG SAMA, J SUIT YANG SAMA, Q SUIT YANG SAMA, K SUMBER SAMA, ACE SUITU SAMA) Tidak ada tangan yang mengalahkan yang satu ini !!!!!

Sekarang, ini adalah cara mudah untuk mengingat pesanan ini … sebuah akronim … H123SFB4SFR …. Ok, mungkin awalnya tidak semudah itu tetapi Anda akan terbiasa … lol …. Saya menganggapnya seperti lagu … Hai! 1.2.3. Teluk San Fransisco … 4 … Sinar San Fransisco !!! … sinar seperti di bawah sinar matahari … Saya hanya berpikir seperti saya ingin pergi ke San Fran untuk mendapatkan sinar matahari … dan saya menghitungnya seperti pemimpin bersorak. Saya tahu teman-teman, ini sepertinya sedikit … yah teman-teman poker Anda mungkin tidak ingin melihat Anda bertepuk tangan dan melakukan jungkir balik, jadi jangan …. cukup ucapkan ini di kepala Anda berulang-ulang sampai Anda mendapatkannya, percayalah padaku itu akan memukulmu seperti satu ton batu bata.

Saya juga baru-baru ini memulai sebuah situs web baru di mana saya meneliti banyak program dan produk yang dijual secara online sehingga Anda tidak perlu menghadapinya. Saya telah memposting beberapa program terkait poker di sana yang saya temukan hebat. Anda dapat melihatnya sendiri di 

Dan ini bukan hanya situs tentang poker … Saya telah meninjau banyak hal lain dan saya berencana untuk segera mengirim lebih banyak item di situs saya!

  • March 28, 2019

Green Living Is Environmentally Friendly Living

Green Living means better for mankind, better for Earth and better for the future. Green living; it’s a term and a way of life that has become increasingly popular. There are many ways to go green as new companies spring up and established companies change their products to fit the lifestyles that many people are adopting. For anyone that doesn’t understand what green living is, there are many advantages and reasons to do it, as well as many ways to go green.

What is Green Living
Living green is sustainable living. It’s a lifestyle in which an individual endeavor’s to reduce the amount of natural resources used and the amount of waste created to benefit the earth.It aims to promote a lifestyle that is eco-friendly through various means such as energy, transportation, and waste. To go green, an individual usually has to change their whole outlook as it pertains to the earth and how they’re choices are affecting it. As trendy as it has become, it takes more than a couple of changes to really be considered living green. Sustainable living is a big commitment.

With the advancement of the eco-friendly agenda, it has gone from something individuals do and made its way into the business world, as companies try to keep up with the trend, some from a legitimate standpoint of caring for the environment and others from a financial standpoint of trying to cash in on the hoopla. Even with this, it’s still advantageous to try living green.

Why Choose Green Living
The earth’s resources are used at an alarmingly high rate. In order to keep the planet from being used of all it has, especially non-renewable resources, people must consider their use. The benefits of living this way outweigh the added responsibility that’s taken on.

Health – There are many health benefits. Green transportation such as biking or walking, gives a person exercise and reduces pollution. Living green includes buying local, which gives individuals fresher options. Organic grown reduces the amount of chemicals and pesticides in food.
Money – Using natural, renewable resources saves money like natural light instead of electricity or filtered water in reusable bottles instead of bottled water. Buying local supports local vendors and helps a person’s community, while cutting out the cost of transportation. With solar and wind technology, utility bills can be cut.
Future – it prepares us for the future by saving it. By using renewable resources, cutting waste, and reducing pollution, the future of the earth can be secured for a person’s family.
Ways to Achieve Green Living
Living green can be achieved through several means.

Transportation – Changing the mode of transportation such as walking, biking, or electric vehicle are ways go green.
Food – Buying local food, organically grown food, and growing a garden are all green ideas.
Waste – composting food waste, reusing things, and recycling reduce the waste in landfills.
Green living entails making changes across every facet of life. It’s a lifestyle change that benefits the individual, his family, his future, and the earth.

  • March 27, 2019

Tips For Green Living and Why They Are Important

Going “green” has turned into a significant social movement these days. More and more people are realizing that we don’t live on a planet with inexhaustible resources and at some point, perhaps even as soon as our children’s lifetime, we will either start exhausting resources or producing so much waste that our planet will be in serious trouble.

This article discusses the positives and negatives of going and not going green. There are many simple green living tips that are easy to implement, have significant potential to change our current course, and help you save money and resources. It is certainly worth giving some of these simple lifestyle changes a try.

Some of the general categories of adopting a “green” lifestyle include what products to use to clean your house, saving space and energy at home or at work, eating organic food products and/or choosing produce grown organically. There are also a whole host of other green living items including foods, organic household items, organic rust removal products for safer and more natural rust removal, turning to alternative fuels and power sources. The list goes on and on.

There truly are so many green living ideas available that will get you started living the lifestyle that is healthier and safer.

Why the necessity to go green these days?

1. It means safe and healthy living. Many toxic and dangerous products have a large impact on Mother Earth, particularly our atmosphere. Damage to our atmosphere is perhaps one of the most pressing and urgent problems we face today. With all of the organic and natural products readily available these days, there’s really no excuse to use potentially damaging products.

2. The more people that go green, the faster and easier we, as a society, can begin to enjoy the cleaner air and healthier planet that will result. We will be rid of the dangerous chemical exposure that inflicts risk to our well being. Additionally, we won’t be faced with the problem of disposing the dangerous chemicals and other waste products that result from a non-green lifestyle. This is not an insignificant by-product of the “going green” movement.

3. Green living also inspires a new attitude in those people who adopt the lifestyle. It will soon become a habit to turn off lights or appliances, and be aware of other wasted energy in your household.

4. Recycling and reusing products is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce garbage and waste.

If you are serious about adopting a green lifestyle, there are plenty of resources on the Internet that can get you started, whether you are just beginning or have already been living green for a while. There are forums, membership sites, and plenty of other resources that can make you a green living expert in no time.

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  • March 26, 2019

Green Living – Solidarity and Inner Peace

Green Living

Going green is included in just about everything these days. There is green food, green clothing, green homes, green energy, green gadgets, and just about anything in existence being classified as green. What this means is that the products are sustainable and make a small imprint on the earth. For example, you might use less oil based products and more plant products because it is sustainable and healthier for humans. This is a great trend that has caught on because of the growth in high educational attainment and in the recent trend of huge price increases in poor quality commodities. Additionally, the recent gas spike, alone, helped a ton of people decide to go green.

The trend is heavily product focused. You need the right green food because you will live longer and be healthier. You need some hemp fabric because it is so much better for your skin. The list goes on and on. It is great that we have green products, but you can get lost in all the details. We need to remember that being green is more than just buying the right things. It is a way of life that brings solidarity and harmony to one’s life and society.

All Living Things Connected

Can you see the happiness of a child compared to that of an adult? How can you feel the joy of a baby or a puppy? The joy of each living thing comes from being connected in a spiritual way. It doesn’t always make sense. For example, babies and children have little control over their surroundings and yet they are so happy. What makes sense is that we are learning through our culture that happiness comes from a certain way of life. We might call it the good life. It usually has something to do with a house, an education, a nice car, and family vacations.

Fortunately, there are true green enthusiasts that understand connection to the earth in a different way. In the movie, Into the Wild the main character says that life was the most exciting when he was penniless. This is a true story of a man who gave up all his possessions and burned his money on a quest to connect with God.

Native Americans have long understood the relationship between connectedness to earth and joy in life. The earth gives to each of us and in return we should give back. Many cultures believe that God rewards Good for Good and Evil for Evil. You do something good and it comes back to you. Hence, do a lot of good things to and for people.

How Does Green Living Connect Us?

First and foremost green living gets you to think about how we all interact in society. It is more altruistic because you main focus is not maximizing every dollar. You focus changes from consuming as much as possible to consuming what you need responsibly and giving of yourself. Many people in this trend will say that one day it just hit them that the only thing they will leave on the earth when they pass on is their legacy. And, how do you leave a legacy? You need to connect with people and make a difference to those around you. You’re not going to do that sipping cokes, and watching 35 hours of television a week.

Living Simple and Green

It all starts with little changes. One good thing to do is to sit down and make a list of all the items your regularly purchase and put a w (want) or n (need) by the item. If you are truly honest, the needs are not really all that high. Many of us are struggling because of our wants without realizing it. It’s still fine to plan for wants and to have them. The important thing is where your focus lies. Does your focus help you connect (happiness) or disconnect (unhappiness)? At some point, many in the green movement will actually feel a sense of relief from not purchasing items. There is that rush and good feeling from shopping that a lot of people get. However, the more connected you feel, the less your desire will be for shopping. And, in fact, many will eventually feel a sense of true peace without longing for any one thing. Some people in the green movement actually feel sorry for these obsessive materialists. They don’t do it mockingly, but sincerely want everyone around them to feel the same connectedness.

  • March 25, 2019

Three Guiding Principles of Green Living

Green Living is an admirable goal. But most of us can’t embrace a crunchy-granola-live-off-the-land- like pioneers kind of lifestyle. If you don’t know the simple steps to take, being eco-friendly becomes a time and money drain wrought with guilt. But most would take green options if they were clear and simple.

What if Green Living became the norm? With a few basic guidelines, 2014 can become the year of living green without hassle or guilt. Below are 3 Guiding Principles of Green Living that can easily change your life and take care of our planet.

Three Guiding Principles of Green Living:

Waste Not. This is so simple that it should be the basis for all decisions. Minimize the trash you create. Don’t use four paper towels if two do the job. Start a compost pile. Don’t waste gas idling in a drive through line when you’d already be done if you’d just gone inside.
Use, re-use, re-cycle or donate. Max out the usage of everything you own. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure so consign items or at least donate. Re-use plastic food containers, recycle all items you can and reverse the horrible trend of the throwaway mentality.
Eliminate toxins. It is mind boggling how many poisons we create and then dump back into our bodies and the environment. The biggest culprits are pesticides but there are plenty of synthetic chemical mysteries that serve as food additives, artificial fragrances, and pharmaceuticals. Toxins are just as the name implies – they are toxic and they are slowly poisoning us and the Earth.
Using these guidelines makes Green Living pretty easy, right? The next time you are at the grocery store, these Green Living principles will help you purchase food amounts that will have no waste, offer minimal packaging (or hopefully packaging you can reuse), and you’ll choose products that are organic, natural, and free of toxins.

Throughout your day, you can choose minimal waste options – don’t use a bag if you only buy one thing and use your own reusable water bottle instead of plastic water bottles.

Another significant Green Living arena is to speak out against the prolific use of pesticides. It is easy to control the use (or non-use) of pesticides in your own home. But remember that our schools, businesses, and all public spaces have odorless, colorless synthetic chemical pesticides sprayed every few months. Not green at all.

Adopting a Green Living Lifestyle isn’t hard. It is easy to live green if you take baby steps guided by simple Green Living principles.

Louise Hodges is the owner of Greenbug which offers effective, safe and green pest control solutions as an alternative to synthetic chemical pesticides.

Greenbug products for People, Pets, Indoors & Outdoors kill and repel pests you don’t want such as Mosquitoes, Ants, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Roaches, Mites, etc. but cause no harm whatsoever to beneficial creatures.

  • March 24, 2019

Green Living Tips – How to Go Green and Save Money

Green living is now on most everyone’s agenda. As surprising as it may sound, even kids are leading the way in some households.But there are still some people who think that green living is beyond them as it’s perceived to be too expensive. We’re not talking solar panels and wind turbines here folks! Everyone can practice green living each day without breaking the bank with just some simple tips. Here they are…

Green living tip # 1

Throw out the Dryer!

Okay, that might be a little extreme. But seriously guys, one of the best ways to go green is to stop using or reduce the use of your dryers. They use an immense amount of energy and I’m sure you feel it in your pocket each month when you get the electric bill. If you have just 2 people living in a household and you wash every other week, you still have to do multiple loads. I do like 4-5 loads on average, so using the dryer does add up.

You really don’t need to use the dryer to dry your clothes. If you live in the tropics like I do or even if you live in warm climates, hang your clothes out to dry. The sunshine and air are great for drying clothes. Shrinkage and discoloration are also reduced, so you save money on clothes as well. How cool is that? Some of you may be concerned about bird droppings. I have big trees in my yard, matter of fact all the clothes lines are under trees which habour lots of birds, but I’ve never had that problem. Chances are you won’t either.

And if I don’t live in the tropics or warm climates, you ask. Simple, you can still reduce the use of the dryer. Unless you live in Alaska maybe, I’m sure it doesn’t rain and snow all the time. So make use of the good days and only use the dryer on those days when you don’t have a choice. Your pocket will still say, thank you!

For Green Living you may have to get creative or do some rescheduling like wash more on the weekends instead of during the week so you can take your clothes up. But in the end it will be worth it, you can even get the kids involved.

Green living tip # 2

Reduce water use

Want to live greener and save money? You should check all taps for leaks regularly and fix those you find. Take shorter showers. Yeah I know, that can be a real damper. I had to adjust to taking shorter showers myself but, there was a real difference in my water bill once I started praticing it. Go a step further and invest in an energy saving shower head. Oh and those bubble baths, you might want to give them up totally or reduce the number of times you have them. Save them for special occasions, that should give you something to look forward to. While you’re at it, if you don’t already have one, think about getting a new toilet cistern that uses less than two gallons of water per flush. Standard cisterns use about three and a half gallons. Using less water uses less energy and saves you money!

Green living tip # 3

Forget driving for very short trips, walk instead!

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to drive everywhere, even around the corner to pick up the newspaper.Have you ever wondered what on earth did they do before they had a vehicle? Yep, I’ve wondered myself.

Well for the sake of the environment and your own, you need to develop the habit of walking more. As long as it’s safe for you to do so, walk for those shorter trips. The health benefits of walking are great, it keeps you fit and keeps you in shape. Ladies you know where inactivity can pack on those pounds, right where we don’t want them to go. Walking can also eliminate or help to reduce circulatory problems.